Child – Youth – Adult – Family Counselling


Child and Youth Counselling

Whether it is school anxiety or other areas in life, I work from a family approach in helping children and youth overcome their problems. I will incorporate the use of art, mindfulness and provide practical skills that can be used at home or at school. I will ask family members to join session towards that end of each session and follow up with phone calls to monitor progress.  I tailor my approach to fit a child or youth unique needs and goals.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with school transitions (elementary to high school) and/or life transitions (e.g. puberty). Counselling can be a safe place to talk about life’s stresses and gain a fresh perspective.

Individual and Family Counselling

For clients experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, life transitions. Counselling can help create balance.

Areas of Practice


Stress is a normal part of life. In small quantities it can even be good. However, too much or a strong negative response to stress is harmful. Working with Esha for stress management and growth skills can help restore the balance of stress and life.



Grief can be experienced not only over death of a loved one, but also a result of many types of losses.  Loss of relationships or remembering past loved ones are some reasons to seek counselling and talk about recovering from depressed mood. Esha can help you discover growth and provide skills to find your potential in addressing undisclosed trauma. Post-partum depression can also affect your relationship and mood with family.



Going to have a baby soon, moving to a new country, or just not sure how to deal with growing teenager? Working on understanding personal development and stages of transitions throughout life can help ease some tension and help restore balance in the family.

If you feel you could work on relationships with family members towards an united front, but are not sure how then counselling can help create a healthy dynamic so all family members experience the family unit as a safe haven from stress, rather than a major source of it



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